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  1. Kerg
    "Honey Please" is kinda goofy, but it's also classic if you take it for what it is, a fun sing-along. "Making the Freeway" is Watt's first vocal turn since starting fIREHOSE and it's another classic jam. Basically, it's his attempt at Hip-Hop and the lyrics and delivery are performed as a straight-up rap.
  2. Shakagal
    Don't confuse Firehose with the hair weenies Firehouse. Firehose was yet another band from the SST label that basically released every important post-punk and hardcore music of the eighties and still has its catalogue online. Hardcore music was very underground, yet fueled the fire for the onset of thrash, death and other forms of extreme music/5(15).
  3. Taulmaran
    Mar 01,  · "Honey, Please" falls somewhere between the two above tracks yet retains enough of something danceable enough to just be relentless enough. The driving piano licks and the wonderful warm, finger plucked bass tone draw you in and hold you tight. That bass line is purely delightful!/5().
  4. Taukazahn
    fIREHOSE Tipitina's New Orleans, Louisiana Source: FM Broadcast Setlist: WTUL Intro / Watt Spiel Flyin' The Flannel Epoxy, For Example Honey, Please The First Cuss Me And You Remembering Chemical Wire Too Long Whisperin' While Hollerin' Lost Colors The Candle And The Flame If'n
  5. Shagar
    "Soon" is perhaps the most powerful song on the album, in an entirely different way than the track which proceeded it. Only a drummer like George can handle the controlled madness of the verses - only a group such as this trio can handle the brick-wall abruptness of the transition to the break; a tempo change that hits like a hammer.
  6. Miran
    Feb 24,  · If'n () 1. Sometimes 2. Hear Me 3. Honey, Please 4. Backroads 5. From One Cums One 6. Making the Freeway 7. Anger 8. For the Singer of R.E.M. 9. Operation Solitare.
  7. Arajin
    fROMOHIO. fIREHOSE. 14 tracks. Released in Rock. Tracklist.
  8. Meztigis
    While Crawford, a trumpet player, was no Hendrix, and in fact on the first Firehose CD "Ragin' Full On" was clearly a beginner, Watt and Hurley liked him, and by the time the second Firehose album came out, Ed's playing had improved dramatically, as it did with each successive album and he proved to be a good singer and songwriter too/5(15).

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