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  1. Kejora
    by DJ ViLLY Berlin. Never gonna give you up (Vinyl Maxi-single) by chebita. Michael Jackson - Rock With You (12 inch Extended Mix Vinyl) Come And Get Your Love 12" Vinyl (Special.
  2. Shaktirr
    You guys into vinyl prog mixes? This is a live hour vinyl mix from the dawn of the "dark" progressive house era ( mostly). My take on this was pitching things down to from around BPM to BPM (about % on the tables.. thanks Technics for adding a 2X on the tables).
  3. Barr
    In this Vinyl DJ Course, you will learn the original artform of mixing with records, and more, in just 6 short weeks. What’re these sessions about? Based on historical trends we know its here to stay and grow, advance maybe even transform into a hybrid technology, coupling analogue and digital together for next level creative use on stage.
  4. Kishura
    Nov 13,  · I don’t care how big you are, in front of a million people, if you never touched a piece of vinyl and actually mixed that and created something with that, you’re not a DJ in my eyes. I look down on people like that,” the veteran US jock said in a Pioneer Radio interview, as reported by Mixmag.
  5. Taull
    The Top 10 DJ Controllers You can Get Your Hands On Right Now. The Top 10 DJ Controllers You can Get Your Hands On Right Now. Music Gear Blog • October 2, • No Comments •.
  6. Moogugis
    That’s a male vocal got here. That’s a male vocal right there. DJ John Halen, Thanks for DJ John Halen, Thanks for following me on Twitch. Thanks following me on Twitch. Thanks for the follow. DJ Martin Good to see you. The DJ LP, 90 - 25 good to see Now, I’m gonna pick up the Now, I’m gonna pick up the energy just a little bit.
  7. Shagis
    Jan 30,  · Search from Kingston To Montego Bay. Never gonna Get Her back until The Very Next Day. She gone with the Boss DeeJay.I Wanna K.I.S.S. KISS You, I Wanna L.O.V.E. LOVE You.." This worked wonders on the Reggae Dances in the early Dances (also in Germany and probabyl in Austria as well) and DJ DSL just used this as his signature Track. A Good Chouce/5(31).
  8. Doulabar
    Mar 05,  · By spinning vinyl, you’ll be forced to really question each and every purchase. With vinyl, you spend more money for music, so even if there is one solid track you absolutely love and the B-side is completely left field of what you are going for, you either dive into the purchase for that one song or keep digging for the next gem.

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