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  1. Shaktirg
    Multiple echoes or reflections; in ultrasonography, an artifactual image caused by delay of an echo that has been reflected back and forward again before returning to the transducer. Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex
  2. Tugami
    Reverberation is the collection of reflected sounds from the surfaces in an enclosure like an auditorium. It is a desirable property of auditoriums to the extent that it helps to overcome the inverse square lawdropoff of sound intensityin the enclosure.
  3. Fem
    Reverberation # 1. Traffik Island - Ulla Dulla 2. Osmonds - I,I,I 3. Spike - Hey Baby 4. Richard Henn - Rain Ride II 5. Catch - Malibu 6. Traffik Island - Go!
  4. Nelkree
    Reverberations activities will include presentations on the th & th USCTs, who were raised at Camp Nelson and served at the siege, a commemorative ceremony for the USCTs' family members who died at Camp Nelson, and a luminary at Camp Nelson National Cemetery recognizing the USCTs from Camp Nelson and from across the country who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  5. Kazisar
    Reverberations was commissioned by the University of Georgia (John Lynch, director of Bands; Gregg Gausline, Associate Director of Bands) and premiered by the Midwest Honor Band with the composer conducting. - Program Note from Carrollton Wind Symphony concert program, 21 .
  6. Moogugar
    May 20,  · Reverberations is a newsletter for the University of North Texas and includes information about the faculty, staff, alumni, and activities of the College of gantioderorapestlatawhimbelgncidad.xyzinfo: Dale Peters.
  7. Goltit
    remote or indirect consequences of an action; repercussions The reverberations of this event could affect us all. The reverberations from the assassination will be felt around the world. Even insignificant events can cause widespread reverberations.
  8. Gronris
    Hazel Brugger. Born in the United States and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, Hazel Brugger is a stand-up comedian you may have seen as a “reporter” on Heute-Show, where she is often providing a younger gantioderorapestlatawhimbelgncidad.xyzinfor’s comedic delivery is dry and dead-pan. Is she joking? Or merely relaying a story?

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