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  1. Samumi
    The riffs are dynamic and uncompromising, particularly the aforementioned Voracious Souls and the solos are searingly hot laser beams of sound, so what more do you want from an 80s thrash album? Sadly, Death Angel were never this good again, but the vast majority of metal bands don't even get close to making one album this brilliant, so I'll /5(1).
  2. Volrajas
    Jan 01,  · Denfinately a required album for anybody into thrash metal. I absoulutly love the guitar work. This is the CD you play as you prepare to unleashe The Ultra-Violence onto mankind. Then, during all of the destruction and mayhem, you pop in your Dark Angel - Darkness Descends album and give them Merciless Death!/5(57).
  3. Samulrajas
    Coming up from the same Bay Area metal scene that spawned the likes of Metallica and Exodus, Death Angel carved out a niche for themselves with a style of thrash metal that also included traces of prog. And while they never received the same amount of attention as their aforementioned "big brothers" did, Death Angel built a loyal cult following and earned quite a few video spins on Headbangers.
  4. Meztik
    The Ultra-Violence Death Angel Metal ; Listen on Apple Music. Listen on Apple Music. Preview. TITLE TIME; 1 Thrashers 2 Evil Priest 3 Voracious Souls 4 Kill As One 5 The Ultra-Violence 6 Mistress of Pain 7 Final Death 8 I.P.F.S. 8 Songs, 45 Minutes Released: Dec 31,
  5. Zujar
    Death Angel was created by two brothers and three of their cousins and one quite amazing this is that one of the brothers was only 12 years old when the band was created and that was the drummer Andy Galeon and he was about 14 years old when they released their first album which I .
  6. Kazicage
    Voracious Souls Lyrics: In the night / In the circle of death / They congregate to hold a feast / There lies a body in the center of the ring / Each human soon becomes a beast / They sing the song to.
  7. Akigul
    Album. The Ultra-Violence Death Angel. Released April 23, Voracious Souls Lyrics. 4. Kill as One Lyrics. 5. The Ultra-Violence Lyrics. 6. Mistress of Pain.
  8. Kazizragore
    Though they were immediately pegged as the runts of the Bay Area thrash metal scene for barely being old enough to drive, Death Angel quickly silenced most critics with their ambitious first album, The gantioderorapestlatawhimbelgncidad.xyzinfocally on par with many of their older peers, the album still showed a lot of room for growth, however -- especially in the songwriting department.
  9. Tat
    Death Angel - Voracious Souls Lyrics. In the night, in the circle of death They congregate to hold a feast There lies a body in the center of the ring Each human soon becomes.

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